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Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Welcome to Honeywheat Kennel

I have been breeding and showing Wheaten Terriers since 2001. All of our Wheatens are a part of our home. All our Dogs come from Champion lines and chosen for health and temperament. Honeywheat Kennel Reg'd is focused on breeding healthy and happy puppies. Buying from a reputable breeder allows the buyer to have guaranteed, proper documented testing on all dogs used for breeding, which is a fantastic resource for after the purchase if problems do arise. All adults used for breeding are tested annually, including urine and blood screening. Hips Certified(OFA) and Cerf Certified eyes.

We have also done all the DNA testing for PLN and DM (Degenerative Mylopythy) on all our Breeding Females and Males.

Visitors are always welcome.

If you are interested in reserving a puppy please complete our Puppy Questionnaire and return to us. Our waiting list fills up quickly so if you would like to reserve a puppy please call or email. please call or email for more information. 


We are now planning for fall of 2023 and then a litter in the spring of 2024



please call or email for more information.

Come back and visit regularly for updates and Show News

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